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Adding meetings you don't organize

What happens when you include Nyota in somebody else's meeting?

At Nyota, we prioritize trust, privacy, and transparency above everything. When you wish to incorporate Nyota's note-taking services into a meeting you didn't organize, we take steps to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Key Points to Remember

  1. Event Organizer's Approval: The event organizer will need to grant permission for the Nyota bot to join the conference call. They will receive a notification indicating that a new participant wants to join.

  2. Communicate: It's best practice to inform the organizer beforehand that you plan to bring in Nyota for note-taking. This avoids last-minute confusions that might waste time.

Email Notification


The day of the meeting, before the call starts.


The notification is sent to the organizer of the event.

What's in the email

The email serves to give the organizer a heads up that Nyota will be joining for note-taking purposes.

Exceptions to Email Notifications

In our commitment to avoid spamming:

  • Existing Nyota users: If the organizer is already a Nyota user, we do not send a notification.
  • Frequency: We only send this email the first time Nyota was added to any of organizer's meetings to be mindful of their inbox.

Sample Email

Subject: 📅 Your upcoming meeting with Josef and Nyota.ai notetaker