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Huge improvements to meeting notes 🗒

We just shipped a major overhaul of our meeting notes. Now, our notes do way more than just jot down what was said.

Nyota intelligently groups talking points, providing you a much more comprehensive and informative meeting overview. You'll feel like you had a pro human note-taker with you.

In your meeting notes, you’ll see a chronological list of key points discussed, which you can toggle open for more details and reference against the transcript. This makes it easy to quickly review what was said and find the information you need.


talking points demo cropped


This is a huge transition from our previous meeting notes design, which only flagged talking points as quotes from your transcript. We have our Engineering team to thank for days and nights of prompt-engineering and reviewing GPT-3 results to get us to the most accurate and actionable summaries on the market.

Invite Nyota to your next meeting to start experiencing our new and improved meeting notes.