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Privacy settings and data retention

How long we keep your data stored on our servers. How we handle data generated by our 3rd party providers. What privacy settings and tooling we offer.

Audio and video data retention

Managers decide their audio and video retention policy for all meetings—delete or keep. We don't store any of those on Nyota servers.

By default Nyota deletes any audiovisual information created and stored by our 3rd party providers the moment we obtain a transcript (usually 5-15 minutes after the meeting).

If manager disables the deletion, this data is only retained for 7 days on our 3rd party provider's end.


Managers can choose how long transcripts are kept. They have separate settings for 1:1s and any other meeting type.

They can choose from these options:

  1. Keep—transcripts are accessible for all the meeting participants indefinitely.
  2. Lock—transcripts get locked after 24 hours, and participants can access them. They can be unlocked by sending a request to support@nyota.ai
  3. Delete—transcripts get deleted after 24 hours.

Transcripts on 3rd party services are deleted by default. Managers can opt-out from this deletion, in which case these don't expire. These transcripts can be deleted on request.

Redaction options

Every meeting participant has ability to redact any meeting they were a part of by clicking the "Redact" button on the top right corner of the transcript and selecting first and last utterance to be deleted.

Removing Nyota from a call

Any meeting participant can access the session and remove Nyota from the conversation through the Nyota web application.

Highlights (notes)

Any meeting participant can view, add, edit, and delete highlights. Highlights are kept indefinitely, unless deleted.


Find out more in our Privacy policy, review our Subprocessors, and find out more on our FAQs.