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Understanding Meeting Notes and Insights

Brief overview of a meeting summary screen. Access transcripts, insights, and detailed notes for each of your meetings.

The meeting summary


Let's explore all the sections one by one:

Transcript: In the conversation section you can view a complete record of your meeting's spoken content.

Insights: Dive into the insights to understand the talking times of each participant and the main topics that were discussed. This helps you gauge both the balance of participation and the key themes that emerged during the conversation.

Notes: Within the notes section, you'll discover three primary areas:

  • Action items and Action item suggestions: Any todos that were mentioned requiring follow up.
  • Executive Summary: Here you'll find a concise overview of the meeting's key points and conclusions, giving you a snapshot of the most crucial takeaways.
  • Reminders: Reminders that will help you prepare your next meeting agenda.
  • Detailed Notes: All the discussed topics explained in detail.


Reminders help you easily prepare your agenda for the next call.

Talking points

If you prepared an agenda ahead of the call we'll go through the meeting content to find and summarize any relevant information. Learn more about agenda summaries.  

Below you'll find all the topics discussed during the call

Each talking point is classified by categories like collaboration, delivery, wellbeing, as well as by sentiment, such as win or issue.
    • They include editable title and text, as well as category.
    • If there are any action items or suggestions for the specific part of the call, they will also show up here.

Acting on the notes

When managing notes, you have the freedom to create and edit all the talking points and action items.

What makes this useful is the ability to mark talking points for reminders, meaning they will be brought up in the next meeting with the same participants.

Additionally, you have the convenience of exporting your talking points and copying them to email drafts or other note-taking apps. This flexibility ensures that you can easily manage, share, and save your insights for future reference.

Next steps

  • Find out how to automate sharing and moving relevant bits from the conversation to your CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce) or Project Management system (Asana, ClickUp, or Jira)