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Connecting Nyota to Zapier

Nyota offers a powerful Zapier integration. Here's how you can set up your account to automate your meeting workflows.

Connecting Nyota with Zapier is really easy

  1. Find Nyota.ai on Zapier
  2. Start creating your first Zap
  3. Authorize your account
  4. Next steps

Find Nyota.ai on Zapier

Navigate to Nyota.ai page on Zapier and find an app you'd like to connect with Nyota. You'll be redirected to the Zap builder.

Start creating your first Zap

Alternatively start from scratch in your dashboard.

  1. Go to https://zapier.com/apps/nyotaai/integrations
  2. Select which app you'd like to integrate with Nyota
  3. Pick one of the triggers (more about them in "Zapier triggers and actions")


Authorize your account

Here's a quick video of how to authorize Zapier to access you Nyota account.

After creating a new Zap and selecting Nyota app

  1. In Zapier select "Connect to a new account"
  2. You will be presented with an input an API Key
  3. Click the link "Third party access settings" on the screen or go to https://app.nyota.ai/settings/third-party
  4. Scroll to "Personal access tokens" and click "Create new token"
  5. Optional: Type in a name of the token. (Usually "Zapier" would do)
  6. Click "Create"
  7. Copy the returned code and paste it into the Zapier API Key input field and submit the form.
  8. You're all set, now you can use Nyota for your Zaps!


Next steps

Now you're all set for creating automated flows between Nyota and Zapier ecosystem.