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Zapier objects, events, and actions

Discover objects, events, and actions available in Nyota Zapier integration to build powerful automations


Are you looking for the API Reference and more details? Check out https://api.nyota.ai/zapier/docs/

Available Objects

  1. Action Item
  2. Agenda Item
  3. Session Summary
  4. Summary Highlight
  5. Session
  6. User

      Events / Triggers

      Agenda Item Events:

      • New agenda item: Triggered when a new agenda item is created.
      • Updated agenda item: Triggered when an existing agenda item is updated.
      • Deleted agenda item: Triggered when an agenda item is deleted.

      Action Item Events:

      • New action item: Triggered when a new action item is created.
      • Updated action item: Triggered when an existing action item is updated.
      • Deleted action item: Triggered when an action item is deleted.

      Summary Events:

      • New summary: Triggered when a new summary is created. Once the meeting ends and its transcript gets processed.

      Summary Highlight Events:

      • New summary highlight: Triggered when a new summary highlight is created.
      • Updated summary highlight: Triggered when an existing summary highlight is updated.
      • Deleted summary highlight: Triggered when a summary highlight is deleted.


      For each object (Agenda Item, Action Item, Summary, Summary Highlight), the following actions can be performed:

      • Create: Creates a new instance of the object.
      • Update: Updates an existing instance of the object.
      • Delete: Deletes an instance of the object.
      • Search: Searches for instances of the object based on specified criteria.

      Action Items

      An action item represents a task or to-do that needs to be completed.

      • Use Case: Assigning follow-up tasks after a meeting.
      • Example: "Create a new marketing strategy" is assigned to Jane with a due date of next Friday.

      Agenda Items

      Agenda items are individual topics or discussions planned for a meeting.

      • Use Case: Planning the topics for a weekly team meeting.
      • Example: An agenda item titled "Budget Review" with tags "finance" and "Q3."

      Summary Highlights

      Summary highlights are key takeaways or important points from a meeting or discussion.

      • Use Case: Highlighting critical decisions made during a board meeting.
      • Example: A summary highlight titled "New Product Launch Date" with the resolution "Launching on October 1st."


      A session represents a scheduled meeting, including details like start and end time, participants, and related action items and agenda items.

      • Use Case: Organizing and tracking weekly team meetings.
      • Example: A session titled "Marketing Team Meeting" with start time at 9 AM, including agenda items like "Campaign Review" and action items like "Update Website Content."

      Automations & Events

      With the integration of Nyota and Zapier, various automations can be set up to respond to specific events:

      1. New Agenda Item Event

        • Use Case: Automatically sharing a new agenda item in Notion.
        • Example: When a new agenda item "Product Review" is created, it's automatically added to the team's Notion page.
      2. Updated Action Item Event

        • Use Case: Syncing updates to action items with project management tools like Jira or ClickUp.
        • Example: When an action item "Fix Bug #123" is marked as finished, the status is automatically updated in Jira.
      3. New Summary Highlight Event

        • Use Case: Sharing key takeaways with team members via email.
        • Example: When a new summary highlight "New Sales Target" is created, an email is sent to the sales team.

      How to Get Started

      1. Connect Nyota with your Zapier account.
      2. Choose the specific triggers and actions you want to automate based on your needs
      3. Publish the task